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IRS Direct Pay Now Available on IRS.gov

Let your clients know they can now pay their tax bills directly from their checking or savings accounts using IRSDirect Pay.  It’s secure, free of charge and available on IRS.gov.


Direct Pay is a new service provided by the IRS that allows taxpayers to pay their tax liability as well as their estimated tax payments from their checking or savings account through a secure online site.  Payments are made in five easy steps and the taxpayer will receive a confirmation email when their payment has been submitted.  Taxpayers must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) to submit payments through the new site.


To make an online payment the taxpayer will need to complete 5 steps:
  1. Provide the tax information from their tax return – This includes the type of return that they are making the payment for (Installment Agreement, Tax Return, Estimated Payment, etc.), and the tax year for which they are making the payment.
  2. Verify their Identity – The information required includes the tax year for which the payment is being made and the taxpayer’s personal information including the filing status used on the tax return that was filed for the year the payment is being made.
  3. Enter payment information – The amount of the payment, the date of the payment and the bank account information for the account that the amount paid will be debited from are all entered during this step.
  4. Review and sign – The taxpayer will be given the opportunity to review all previously entered information and will be required to verify its accuracy by electronically signing the payment agreement.
  5. Confirmation – The taxpayer will receive confirmation when the request is successfully processed.  It is recommended that the taxpayer print the confirmation page or record the confirmation number for their records.


Payment Look Up
Once a payment has been initiated, taxpayers can check the status, edit or cancel their payment.  From the main page of the Direct Pay Website they can click on the Look Up A Payment link.  Enter the Confirmation Number and Social Security Number used when the payment was scheduled.


Please note that the Direct Pay site is operated and maintained by the IRS, not by Keystone Tax Solutions.  Any questions regarding payments, functionality, etc. should be directed to the taxpayer’s local IRS Office.  To find the closest IRS office location, click here.  For additional information about IRS Direct Pay, please click here.


IMPORTANT: The taxpayer can edit or cancel the payment ONLY up until 11:59 p.m. ET two business days before the scheduled payment date.
Updated on July 11, 2018

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