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PaperCut Overview

PaperCut is a paperless office solution enabling you to maintain virtually all tax documents in an electronic format.  All of the documents that you would normally print to your printer can now be stored digitally reducing your operating expenses by reducing paper, toner, and storage costs of tax documents.

PaperCut will streamline the workflow with the touch of a button so you can spend less time searching for documents. Whenever you print a tax return, transmission report, client report, etc., the information is stored in a client-specific directory on your hard drive. This directory can be viewed in Keystone Tax Solutions Pro by selecting the PaperCut Icon. If you do not see the Icon at the top of your screen click here.

Description of the PaperCut Buttons

Tax Returns When you exit a tax return, or select ‘Print Return’, you will be prompted with:

‘Do you wish to print the return to PDF?’

-Select ‘YES’

-Select which print option to send to PDF – one copy, two copies, etc.

-The return will display in Adobe Acrobat Reader on your screen

-Close Adobe and the return will be saved in the Tax Returns folder located on your hard drive

To access the PDF returns:

-Select the Icon at the top of the screen

-Select Tax Returns

-A list of pdf returns will display on the screen

-Double-click selected taxpayer’s SSN

A list of PDF’s for this client will be displayed with the SSN, name, date the return was printed to PDF, and the size of the file

-Double-click the file name to open the return or document in Adobe.

Reports > E-File

All of the E-file Reports such as the Returns to be Sent Reports, Transmission Confirmation Reports, Acknowledgements, and Bank Reports will automatically save to the E-File Reports section of PaperCut when you select to print the reports.  To access these reports, select

-Reports > E-File Reports

-Double-click file name to view the report – The reports will be categorized by the type of report and date generated.

Reports > Management

Management Reports consists of Master reports and Client reports.  These reports are generated from the ‘Reports’ menu of Keystone Tax Solutions Pro, and will be categorized by type of report and date generated.

E-mail: Compose/Archive

You can e-mail clients copies of their tax return or other tax related information securely through the encrypted e-mail center of Paper Cut.  To e-mail your client, you will need to obtain a valid e-mail address.  For detailed information on emailing returns, click here.

Where Are The Reports Stored?

When you print a report to PDF, it will automatically be saved to your hard drive.  The easiest way to access these documents is by going to PaperCut and selecting the appropriate button. However, if you need to manually access these reports select:

How Are Forms W2, 1099, and Other Forms Electronically Stored?

PaperCut gives you the ability to scan client source documents (Form W2(s), Form 1099(s), etc.) as well as any handwritten notes electronically.  Depending on the type of scanner, you can either scan documents directly from inside the tax return, or scan documents with the use of the scanner’s software.

Scanning Documents From Inside A Tax Return

The PaperCut Integrated Document Scanning Option allows Keystone Tax Solutions Pro to directly scan documents from your TWAIN or WIA compliant Single Sheet / Flat Bed or Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) equipped scanner.  The scanner must support specific TWAIN or WIA functions to be compatible with Keystone Tax Solutions Pro. 

From the Main Menu of the Tax Return (Form 1040) select:

  • Personal Information
  • Scan Documents
  • Desktop Scanner

Compatible Scanners

There are dozens of document scanners available in the marketplace, and most will probably work fine with Keystone Tax Solutions Pro. Following are a few scanners that have been successfully tested for use with Keystone Tax Solutions Pro:

Scanner modelDriver
Brother 8480DNTWAIN
Canon DR-7550CTWAIN
Canon DR-7580TWAIN
Canon DR-9080TWAIN
Epson GT-1500TWAIN
Epson Perfection V500 PhotoWIA
HP Officejet 4500TWAIN

Incompatible Scanners:

Over the years we have discovered several scanners that are incompatible with Keystone Tax Solutions Pro:

  • Neat – TWAIN Compliant but only intended to function with Neat Software.
  • Lexmark P6250 – Unsupported Features in TWAIN and WIA.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap – No TWAIN or WIA drivers. (TWAIN and WIA drivers are available for other Fujitsu scanners.)

Scanning Documents Using the Scanner’s Software

If your scanner does not support the specific TWAIN or WIA functions required for compatibility with Keystone Tax Solutions Pro, you can still scan client source documents and notes with the use of the scanner’s software.  We encourage you to use a scanner with an automatic document feeder, as flatbed scanners can be time consuming if you have multiple documents to scan.

From the “Tax Returns” Button:

Double Click on the Desired Client

-Drag and drop your file into the white space Shown Below

Drag And Drop

Additional Resources:


Updated on September 9, 2020

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