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Signature Pad – State Supported Forms

Client signatures and paid preparer signatures captured with a signature pad by Keystone Tax Solutions Pro preparers who have purchased the Premium package are supported on the e-file signature authorization form for the following states:

Alabama (Form AL8453)

California (Form 8879)

Colorado (Form DR 8453)

Delaware (Form DE-8453)

Georgia (Form GA-8453)

Iowa (Form IA-8453-IND)

Illinois (Form IL-8453)

Indiana (Form IT-8879)

Kentucky (Form 8879-K)

Louisiana (Form LA 8453)

Maryland (Form EL101)

Michigan (Form MI-8453)

Mississippi (Form 80-115)

New Mexico (Form PIT-8453)

Oklahoma (Form 511EF)

Oregon (Form OR-EF)

Pennsylvania (Form PA-8879)

South Carolina (Form SC8453)

Vermont (Form 8879-VT)

West Virginia (Form WV-8453)

Captured signatures are not supported on any state form other than the e-file signature authorization.

Additional Information:

Signature Pad

Updated on September 9, 2020

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