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Transmitting Electronic Return(s)

To transmit tax return(s), from the Main Menu of the Transmitting Computer select:

  • E-File
  • Transmit Electronic Returns – This will display the Keystone Tax Solutions Transmission Table. Any returns that have been marked for electronic filing and marked as Complete and Ready to Transmit from the receipt menu within the return(s) will be pulled into the table
  • If you do not need to Add or Remove any returns to or from the Table, select Transmit
  • The following screen will ask, Do You Want a Printed List of Clients Selected to be Sent to the IRS?*  We recommend that you print this list so you will know what was transmitted and when.  You will be asked if the printed information is correct, if so, select ‘YES’.  If you select ‘NO’, you will be returned to the E-File Main Menu.

    *The List of Clients to Be Sent only shows that you created a Transmission File.  It does not mean you actually sent a transmission to Keystone Tax Solutions.  If you DO NOT receive a Transmission Confirmation Report after connecting to transmit, the returns DID NOT get sent.
  • When the Keystone Tax Solutions Communications Window appears, select Connect.  A description of each action taken through the transmission process will display in the window.  When prompted, click on the Exit button. You will be returned to the E-File Main Menu.
  • Select Print Reports. Select Transmission Confirmation. The transmission confirmation report serves as your “receipt”. If you do not receive a transmission confirmation report, your return(s) were not successfully sent to the Keystone Tax Solutions server.
NOTE: If you have a Antivirus or Firewall installed, be sure to select Grant Access or Allow Access.


The IRS now processes all tax returns through their new processing system, Modernized e-File (MeF).  Tax returns that are processed through MeF are processed in real time. Keystone Tax solutions cannot stop or delete any transmissions once they are transmitted by your office.  The upgrade by the IRS to the Modernized E-file platform has eliminated this as a possibility.
Updated on July 12, 2018

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