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Unmarking a Return as Complete

Once a return has been marked complete, it cannot be undone. If you have additional information to add, you still have the ability to edit the return. Marking the return as complete does two things. It adds the return to the transmission table and it locks the fees inside of the return.

When you exit the Receipt Menu, you will be asked ‘Are You Ready to Mark the Return as Completed?’ If the return is complete, select ‘YES’.  If you have additional information to enter on the tax return at a later date, we recommend selecting ‘NO’.

If you mark the return complete in error, you can manually remove it from the transmission table by selecting ‘Remove Client’.  You can also unlock the fees by exiting to the receipt menu, selecting ‘View / Edit Invoice’ and changing ‘Lock Fees on Invoice’ to ‘NO’.
Updated on July 9, 2018

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