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Starting an Amended Return

  1. Select the option “20XX Amended Return” from within the tax return to file an amended return for this year’s tax return. The amended return(s) cannot be E-Filed, and a copy of the original return(s) must be mailed with the amendment(s).

    The program will open the Amended Tax Return – Form 1040X Menu. There will be seven (7) menu options to select from. For detailed step-by-step instructions on preparing an Amended Return start by selecting How to Amend Your Return.
  2. To begin an amended return, the preparer will need to populate the Original Federal Return Information. If the original return was submitted electronically and accepted through the tax program from the same office, this column will auto-populate with the original tax return information. Otherwise, the preparer will need to manually input the figures in this column.
  3. After completing the input of the original column, select the Continue button. This will navigate back to the Amended Tax Return – 1040X Menu.
  4. Select Make Corrections for Amended Return and then select the Continue button. This will navigate to the Income page of the tax return. After making all necessary changes, only edit or enter information that was incorrect or omitted on the originally filed return.
  5. Return to the Amended Tax Return – Form 1040X

Explain Changes

  1. Select the BEGIN button next to Explain Changes to enter an explanation for amending the original tax return. Be descriptive and make sure to list each change that appears on the form. After entering these explanations, select Continue.

Creating an Amended State Return

  1. Select Amended State Return(s) to make changes to the original accepted state tax return. Click on Edit Amended, next to the state return that requires changes. The preparer can return to this menu later if they need to file more than one state amended return.
  2. Select Amended Return, located at the bottom of the state return.
  3. Answer the questions: To create Form …., amended tax return, select YES and complete the additional section below.
  4. Review and Complete Amended Return, click Begin.
  5. Enter the required information and Explanation of Changes. Once you are completed with the explanation, click Save through to the State Main Menu.
  6. Exit the State Return.

NOTE: Make sure all city, school district, or county tax returns are completed within the appropriate state(s). 

Updated on September 8, 2020

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