Additional Fees

When you mark a return for electronic filing, you will be prompted to select the E-File type from the list displayed on the screen. If there are additional fees associated with the E-File type, they will be displayed on this menu as well. These additional fees are fees charged by the bank for each specific bank product. The additional fees also include the software transmission fee and service bureau fee.

The option to display additional fees on the e-file selection screen can be turned on/off. To access this option, from the main menu of Keystone Tax Solutions (Form 1040) select:

  • Configuration
  • Fees/Billing Setup
  • Advanced Fee Setup
  • Display Additional Fees in E-File Menu – Toggle to Yes/No
NOTE: If there are no additional fees listed by the E-File type, this is not a bank product.  You will need to collect your fees up front from the client. Keystone Tax Solutions will invoice all non bank product clients weekly with payroll.
Updated on July 3, 2018

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