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ProWeb – Taxes to Go User Guide

Taxes to Go Mobile App allows your clients to get their taxes done easier than ever before. It’s as simple as Snap, Send, Sign. Your taxpayers create an account through the Taxes to Go mobile application. After their account has been created, they will take snap shots of any documentation required to complete their tax return and send that to you. You then retrieve the information in your program to complete the return. Once you’ve completed the return, you send it back to the client for them to review and sign. The App includes a chat feature for communication between the you and your clients and is fully integrated into your Keystone Tax Solutions Pro software.This application is available for both Android and iOS and can be found in Google Play or the App Store.

To Get Your Branded Mobile App:

From inside your Account Hub, you will see Taxes To Go as shown below.

Once you’ve done that, you will be guided to the Taxes to Go configuration screen. From here, you can choose your Profile Name, choose a color theme, and even upload your own logo. As you make these changes, you will see a preview off to the right of the page.

After you’ve clicked SAVE on your Taxes to Go configuration, you will see your Referral Link generated. This referral link is what ties all of your branded app to your office. In order for your customers to use your branded app, they will need to put their information into that branded link.

For Additional Locations

If your tax business has multiple locations, you will need to setup the Taxes to Go configuration for each office you have. The referral link from the Taxes to Go configuration above is only for your main office. To setup configuration for each of your additional locations, you will need to go into Location Manager and choose Manage Locations. From the list of locations, you will see a phone icon. This will open that location’s Taxes to Go configuration screen.

The configuration screen for each additional location will look exactly like the screen from your main location. Once you’ve clicked SAVE, that office’s referral link will be generated.


How do my customers get the branded app?

Your customers will get your branded app by using the custom Referral Link that is created in your Account Hub. After they put their information on the Referral Link website, their email address will be associated with your branded app. When they login to the app with this email address, it will show your branding.

How long does it take for a return to show in my branded app queue after it’s submitted?

This process is nearly instantaneous. If a user sends you their documents and you don’t see it in your program, please close and reopen the program. If the problem persists please call our Customer Support team for assistance.

Why don’t I see my branded app in the app store?

Your branded app will not be shown in the app store. The branding is just a filter over the base Taxes to Go app. The branding is applied when the user logs into the app with the information entered on the Referral Link website.

Will information from last year’s app pull forward into this year?

No. For security purposes, every year we discard the data from the prior year’s app. Any information entered by the user into the app is only specific to the current year.

Does the information from the documents automatically upload into the data fields in the program?

The information from the documents will not automatically pull into the programs. You will need to view/print the documents to fill out the information for the tax return.

Can I create a new app account with the same email and phone number?

Taxes to Go accounts are created based on email address. You cannot use the same email for more than one account. You can, however, use the same phone number.

I pulled the app return into the program, but I need to restart. Can I pull it again?

Yes! In both programs if you delete/deactivate the return it will go back into the queue for you to pull again. For branded apps you will see it back in the list available to claim. For generic apps you will use the same email address and 6 digit code to repull.

My customer accidentally downloaded the generic app. Can I switch it to branded?

In order for the Mobile App to be branded, the taxpayer will need to start on the Referral Link Website from your Account Hub. Unfortunately, once the account has been created there isn’t a way to switch from generic to branded. The user will need to uninstall the app and create a new account with a different email using your referral link.

Can I pull a return from prior year and still use the Taxes to Go Mobile App?

Yes. In both programs you have the ability to “Sync Return with Mobile App Return.” This feature allows you to take an existing return in your program and associate it with an app return.

What are the phone requirements to use the Taxes to Go Mobile App?


Supported OS: iOS 11.0 and up

Camera Access

Photo Album Access

Internet Connection

Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/taxes-to-go/id1151450846?ls=1&mt=8


Supported OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat) and up

Camera Access

Photo Access

Internet Connection

Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rhodescomputerservices.taxestogo

Taxes to Go Manual

For instructions for the Taxes to Go Mobile App in ProWeb, please download the following manual:

Updated on September 8, 2020

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