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Filing A State Only Return

In order to e-file a state only return, first you must mark both the federal and the state return for electronic filing. This is because state only e-files “piggyback” with the federal return. The federal return will not be processed and the IRS will forward the state return to the state.

To electronically file a state only return, from the Main Menu of Keystone Tax Solutions select:

  • E-File
  • Transmit Electronic Return(s)
  • Select Add Client (if the client is not already listed on the transmission table)
  • Place a checkmark in the State Only box on the right-hand side of the Transmission Table
  • Select Transmit 
You will e-file the state return through Keystone Tax Solutions just as you would e-file a federal return.  Once the state has processed the return, you can pick up the acknowledgement by selecting Receive Acknowledgements Only from the E-File Main Menu.
Updated on July 12, 2018

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