MSXML Errors

If you receive an error containing the word MSXML while in the Keystone Tax Solutions Pro program, try the following to correct the issue:

From the Main Menu of Keystone Tax Solutions Pro select:

  • Configuration
  • Configuration Utilities
  • Register DLL Files – Answer ‘NO’ when asked if you would like to register all Keystone Tax Solutions Pro DLL’s and OCX’s
  • Place a check mark in the box next to msxml6.dll; Select ‘OK’
  • A dialog box should appear on the screen stating that the dll registry succeeded

If the above step does not correct the problem, from the Main Menu of Keystone Tax Solutions Pro select:

  • Business
  • Business Utilities
  • Install MSXML 4.0 for Business E-file – The Install Shield Wizard will come up on the screen.  Continue with the on-screen prompts to Install XML 4.0

If you are still receiving an error containing the phrase MSXML after you have completed both of the above steps, please contact Keystone Tax Solutions Pro Technical Support at 706.868.0985.

Updated on September 8, 2020

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