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Resetting the Admin Account Password

In the event that the Admin Account password and security question are forgotten or mis-entered, a temporary password can be obtained by logging in to your account.

On the main page of My Account, click on the ‘Reset program password‘ link. A temporary code will be displayed on the screen. Copy and paste the code in to the User Name box in the program and click Ok.

You will be prompted to go to the Configuration Menu to reset your password. From the Main Menu of the program, select:

  • Configuration
  • Firm/ERO/Preparer Setup
  • Preparer(s) Menu
  • Double click on ADMIN
  • Select Password and enter a new password. The password must be between 8 and 30 characters and:
    • Use upper and lower case letters (Example AaBb)
    • Use a number (Example: 123)
    • Use a special character (Example: @!#$)

After your password has been reset, return to the Main Menu of the program and select File – Logoff User. Log back in with the new the username ADMIN and the password you created.

Updated on July 9, 2018

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