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Rents & Royalties

K-1 Input

 Income or Loss from REMICS Part V – Form 4835 – Net Farm/Rental Reconciliation

Form 8582 (Passive Activity Loss Limitations)

Made Payments that would Require Filing Form(s) 1099? – Payments of rents, fees, and nonemployee compensation in the amount of $600 or more to a single payee are generally required reported on Form 1099-MISC. Answer YES to this question if the taxpayer is required to file 1099-MISC for any payees. (Generally, payees must receive their copy of the 1099-MISC by February 18, whereas the IRS copies must be sent by February 28.)

Did You or Will You File All Required Forms 1099? – If the previous question is answered YES, this question also needs to be answered.

IRC Section 469(c)(7)(A) Election – If the taxpayer is making an election to combine all rental real estate interests into one activity per Section 469(c)(7)(A), answer YES. A statement will be included with the return indicating this election. See Revenue Procedure 2011-34.

Form 4562

Attach PDF Document for Rental Safe Harbor Election – If a rental property qualifies for the Qualified Business Income Deduction, and the taxpayer is making the rental safe harbor election, a PDF copy of a statement to that effect must be attached to the return. The statement must include:

  • the address and rental category of each rental real estate property included in each rental real estate enterprise;
  • the address and rental category of each rental real estate property acquired or disposed of during the tax year; and
  • representation that the requirements of Revenue Procedure 2019-38 have been met.

See Revenue Procedure 2019-38 for information about the requirements.

Additional Information:

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Updated on September 9, 2020

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